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one color process

(AKA single process color) This one-step service is for you if:
A) You would like a new shade throughout, but nothing too far from your original color.
B) You already love your color but need the roots touched up.
It’s also great for hiding grays and adding a glossy sheen.

dimensional color

This technique adds depth, complexity and when done right, intrigue. Foil is used to seperate strands of hair
and weave color or lightener throughout. A fine weave creates a natural look and a heavier slice makes for a more dramatic look.


If you’re looking for something custom, this is it. Freehand painting (doesn’t that sound fun) weaves in color for a look that can range from soft/natural to bold/daring. It grows out like a dream, blending nicely as your natural hair color comes back in.

bleach & tone

(AKA double process color) This two-step method starts with bleaching for a clean slate, then toner is applied to
create a brand new color. It’s your ticket to:
A) lightening your hair by more than two shades (say, dark brown to blonde).
B) getting that new hot silver or white look.

fashion color

Primary. Pastel. Jewel. We dare you to pick a color you’d never paint your bedroom and put it in your hair. You’ll typically need a dimensional application to lighten your locks before they’ll accept whatever fun, candy-colored shade you have in mind. But please don’t let that stop you.

Get your hair done and make money.


Say mine to the hair design. From soft, romantic upsweeps to beachy waves and impossibly perfect braids, our bridal styles leave nothing to be desired.


This is no time to let your hair down. At least not until you get there. Be sure to make a grand entrance before your updo succumbs to that flossing contest.

An initial consultation appointment is required prior to all texturing services.

smoothing treatment

Hire someone on Craigslist on to flat-iron your hair in your sleep. Or hire us and wake up every morning with smooth, silky, waterfalls of straight tresses cascading from your crown. Your choice.


From loose body waves to ringlets, our perming prowess will make your hair curl. Connect with a stylist now to make sure we nail the exact look you’re going for.

hair extensions

Extended deadlines, extended vacations, extended loans. When is an extension
not a good thing. Our beautiful 100% real human hair extensions are no exception.
They come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your every whim.

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