732 Southbridge Street, Auburn MA, 01501

who she is

Haley is a Master Stylist who has been with the salon since 2014.

Specializations: Dimensional Color, Balayage, Blow Dry/Finish, Extensions


  • Design & Finish: $43+
  • One-Process Color: $53+
  • Dimensional Color**: $63+
  • Multi-Dimensional Color: $99+
  • Texture: $65+
  • +Prices above are starting prices
  • *Length and thickness of hair
  • can affect final color price
  • **Dimensional color includes
  • highlights, balayage and ombre

human stuff she does

  • Haley and her daughter Marlo share an ambitious leisure time
    agenda, which includes:

    playing outside
    watching Disney movies
    going to gymnastics classes
    doing arts and crafts
    caring for their Beta fish,

haley’s big secret

  • She’s a closet Modern American
    History buff who dominates
    in World War II trivia.


  • Toni Guy Hairdressing
    Academy Graduate
  • Freaks & Geeks Color Certification,
    Coastline Enterprise
  • Di Biase Hair Extension Certified

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